What we do


Good planning research and an appropriately tailored approach can be a major advantage to Government and Business in achieving long-term sustainability and meeting the demands for integration between infrastructure planning, land use planning, and corporate management. Regional Planning Directions offers Local Government and the development industry strategic, rational, and comprehensive approaches to planning research and applies such methods to the preparation of short, medium, and long-term strategies.

We can assist you in preparing your development strategy, and your Strategic Directions Report under Section 30 of the Development Act (1993) using an approach tailored to your needs.


Regional Planning Directions offers a range of services involved in the establishment of land use zones, structure plans, local policy content, and associated investigations including the preparation of:

  • Statements of Intent and DevelopmentPlan Amendments for Local Government
  • Developer Funded Development Plan Amendments
  • Submissions for rezoning of land

Regional Planning Directions combines experience in integrated land use planning with an understanding of the needs of Local Government and industry.


Regional Planning Directions offers independent advice and support to business and individuals in the preparation of Development Applications including, the preparation of supporting statements, development reports, Statements of Effect for Non-Complying Development, and expert witness statements to the Environment Resources and Development Court.

Regional Planning Directions can assist Local Government in the assessment of Development Applications of a complex and substantial nature, and can place a highly experienced town planner in your organization for short periods to assist in the assessment of Development Applications.

Assistance can also be provided to community groups, Local Government, and business in the preparation of grant applications, project briefs, and project management in a range of areas including tourism related projects, environmental projects, disaster resilience, main street projects, and community services.

“Henri’s handling of the Sundrop Farms proposal was brilliant and I don’t think it could not have been done any better. The proposal involving 20 hectares of greenhouses plus solar thermal infrastructure for distillation of sea water will provide a major boost to Port Augusta’s economy. Henri ensured that the highly complex project was able to be processed rigorously and within the shortest path possible for such an important project”

Tung Pham Community Planner – City of Port Augusta

Town Centre Redesign

Two Wells, Old Port Wakefield Road

The Director Henri Mueller has advised on numerous urban design and streetscape design processes. He coordinated the urban design and public consultation processes for the redevelopment of the town center at Two Wells aiming to ensure that it remains as the hub for retail, commercial, and community services in the District. 

Environmental Projects

Baker Road Wetland, Gawler River

The Baker Road wetland project was managed by Henri in conjunction with the community and the then Catchment Board, as were similar collaborative environmental projects such as the Thompson Beach Shorebird Interpretive Trails, various coastal interpretive facilities, and the Mallala Remnant Vegetation Recovery Scheme.

Greenfields Development

Major expansion north of 
Two Wells

Henri played a major role in assessing options for the expansion of the Two Wells township and coordinated the investigations into infrastructure requirements, and development constraints in relation to flood investigations and mitigation options for a major Greenfields development north of Two Wells.

Development Facilitation

Horticulture, Germantown Road, 
Two Wells

In his previous role with Local Government the Director Henri Mueller provided valuable facilitation support and development advice to industry in site selection. Such advice was invaluable in the attraction and establishment of D’Vine Ripe’s major high technology glass house development currently the largest such facility in Australia located on Germantown Road north east of Two Wells